Saturday, October 17, 2009

I love the blog fabulous k and she just hit her 500th post. To celebrate she's having a giveaway! Go to her site and you can be entered to win a cute poster and a clutch...these would be great for Christmas!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It sure has been awhile since I blogged. Nothing all that interesting has happened besides celebrating my 2 year anniversary this week! (More on that another time)

Michael Buble is one of my absolute favorite singers and so I was ecstatic when I found out that I had been chosen to receive his newest CD to review, before it was even released! (That's where anniversary and family being in town comes time to be online!) But I did listen to the CD everywhere I drove and had it on my iphone as well.

His newest album, Crazy Love, did not disappoint. His voice is truly magnetizing...there is always so much drama and as goofy as it sounds, so many of the songs make my heart swell and give me goosebumps. I have many favorites from this album...Crazy Love (classic Buble), Whatever it Takes, Haven't Met You Yet, Georgia On My Mind...really almost all of them! I didn't expect to enjoy Cry Me a River but after listening to it a couple of times, it was so powerful!

I've waited for more than 2 years for him to make another album and this album is just perfection! My husband thinks I'm odd because Michael Buble is the only music I have on my iphone and so that's what I listen to while I run. Not the typical workout music but I sure do love it and how relaxing it is. It's also great to listen to while you're cooking or cleaning..most songs are so upbeat!

As soon as I heard the track Crazy Love, I thought that it would be a great song for Dancing With the Stars and then a couple weeks ago they announced Michael Buble will be singing one night! I soooo hope this is the song he sings. And here's a little fiction and fact: My Mom was dating a musician who toured with Michael Buble a few years ago! I hope he comes to Dallas next year on his tour so I can go!

I definitely recommend his album, Crazy Love!