Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break

Things have been so crazy lately! Adam went out of town Monday to Utah for work and so I drove 3 hours to my Mom’s house to spend the night. We had a lot of fun…went to dinner, shopping, and watched Desperate Housewives together with a glass of wine!

I brought my brother and sister back with me so they can visit their dad on spring break. We had quite the experience at Cracker Barrel! Our food was free but we missed our movie we had planned on going to. So instead, we just hung out at Target for awhile and went to a later one.

Today I am dropping them off at their dads and then picking up Adam from the airport! I miss him soooo much and it’s only been 2 days. He almost didn’t make his flight because his bags weren’t going to get on the plane in time but he spoke with a very nice lady who made it happen! What a blessing!

I’m so looking forward to the end of this week…I am having a massage and facial with my MIL. I am so blessed to have a wonderful relationship with my in-laws!

On another note, I am trying to start eating a bit healthier but I don’t know where to start. I’m a picky eater (nothing that comes out of water, milk, or pretty much anything green) and so it’s hindering me a bit. If anyone is reading this blog, I would LOVE some recommendations for a recipe site or blog that could help me get started! So far all I have really done is cut down on caffeine and drink a bit more water. (no where near 8 glasses though!)

Anyone have a good recipe for a fruit salad?? Yum!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Updated Laundry Room

So here are the before and after pictures of our laundry room. The before is so unorganized and messy! And so much white!! I am happy that the majority of my clothes can now be dried so hopefully it will stay nice and clean.The orange is pretty bright (Pumpkin Burst from Valspar) and it's even brighter than in the picture (especially with the lights on, haha). But it's really fun and now I actually enjoy being in this room...although the W/D might have something to do with that. And of course I just HAD to buy a pretty jar to put my detergent in. (Try Charlie's Soap, it's amazing!)

Now I just need a rug and a sign on the wall and it's complete! I want to get something to hang the ironing board, broom, and mop but I don't want them in here now, so out to the garage they will go.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yay for Tax Refunds!

I realized having a blog is a lot harder than I thought. I honestly never have much to write about unless I am hosting a giveaway! Anyways...was so happy to watch Dancing with the Stars last night, I don't know why Adam and I love this show so much. But I couldn't believe that Melissa from the Bachelor was on it. She was a replacement for someone who got hurt and she danced beautifully for only having 3 days to practice. It's going to be tough to choose between her or Shawn Johnson.

On another note, we finally bought the front loaders that we have been dreaming of for years! I was actually surprised that Adam really wanted some and that they were what he wanted to spend some of our refund money on. We bought some gorgeous steel blue Samsung ones and decided to paint our laundry room a bright pumpkin orange! I'm glad we finally painted a room in the house but I'm thinking it's the last one we will paint ourselves. Funny how it seemed like a good idea in the beginning. We thought that it would take a week or so to get the washer and dryer delivered so imagine our surprise when they said it would be the next day! We had to go home Friday night and finish painting the entire room. I still have a few spots left to finish but that's ok. It's so fun to look into the laundry room from the couch. It's so bright that it glows with the light off haha.

I'll post a before and after picture later!