Friday, January 30, 2009

I want to paint my house!

I need help figuring out how to paint my kitchen. I love how open and big my kitchen is but now that I am wanting to paint, I'm so confused! What I am trying to decide is if I need to paint the breakfast nook too since it's pretty much attached to the kitchen. Since I am wanting to paint myself I figure I will have to paint both the same color since it will be too hard to get a crisp painted edge on the other side of my laundry door. Here are some pictures:

Before we moved in

A few months after we moved

I love the grey in the new HGTV Dream Home but I think it would clash with my tile/counters/cupboards and would make it too dark.

So I was thinking a light green color..I have some pops of a bright green apple color in my kitchen now (kitchenaid mixer, teapot on stove, candles on top of cupboards) Maybe something like this....what do you think??

Photo from Blog

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  1. I'm in the same situation! I have a very similar cabinet color to yours, though I like yours better. My have a pink/flesh undertone. I am seriously considering a dark red wine color. What do you think? I like the gray paint, but the undertone in their cabinet works with gray. It's like picking a foundation at the makeup counter, you have to go with the undertones.


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