Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Giveaway!

The Winner Is....Crystal!
Crystal I don't have your email address so please email me!

I was contacted recently by Al Malekovic from Country Bob's to review their product and I am so excited that I agreed! They sent me TWO bottles of their All Purpose Sauce so quickly and I couldn't wait to make a recipe from their website. I decided (very last minute) to make their BBQ Chicken Pizza and we just loved it. It was super easy and tasted delicious. I followed the recipe exactly on DH's side of the pizza (I'm super picky) and didn't put any of the veggies on my side. I can't wait to try some more of the recipes...I'm definitely eyeing the Crockpot Orange Honey Chicken to try next.

What's even more exciting is that they are offering a free bottle to one of my readers! You absolutely need to try their sauces!

Here's how to enter:
Leave me a comment with your best cleaning tip by Monday, February 23rd! I will pick a winner on the 24th and email you. (Make sure to leave an email if your blogger account is private)

(I know, I has nothing to do with the giveaway but hey, I am a sucker for tips!) I'll even give you one of mine. I use coffee filters for EVERYTHING! Cleaning mirrors, as a cover for food in the microwave, in the bottom of my plants for drainage, or pretty much anything else you might use a paper towel for!

Good luck!


  1. My sister used to get really bad bloody noses. She'd come home from school with blood all over her clothes. My Mom found that using Dawn liquid soap would help lift out blood stains. She'd soak the stain for a few minutes, rub out with a damp cloth, then wash the garment. I use this method today and it has always worked for me.

  2. My best cleaning tip -- hire a maid! Thanks.

  3. I use Dawn to pull out grease stains. So often I end up slashing some cooking oil on a tablecloth, or place mat and end up having to scrub with Dawn. What a great thing to have around.

  4. My best cleaning tip is to always do a quick tidying up before you go to bed at night so that in the morning, you aren't overwhelmed with things to do.

  5. Ooh those sauces look yummy!
    I've got two tips - when my children have very stained clothing, I rub soap on the stains ans soak them over night - gets them out no problem and no extra work for me. Also, when I'm cleaning the kitchen I put a bowl of water in the microwave and run it for a couple of minutes. I then come back to it a little while later and just wipe it out. The steam makes it super fast and easy to clean.

    nicole0110 at roadrunner dot com

  6. My biggest tip is to do dinner dishes right after dinner so that they do not get gross overnight. I try to do this all the time, then my kitchen is that much nicer because of my clean sink.


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