Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I am busy getting my home ready for our family to come stay the weekend and I spent a lot of time at Adam's aunt & uncle's house yesterday. They are the ones putting on the Easter Egg Hunt and his uncle fell off of a ladder on Saturday and broke a rib! So we will be helping them out a bit so they aren't so overloaded with stuff to do for this weekend.

I slept soooo good last night! Monday night Adam was sick and our electricity kept going off (most of the city had this problem...stupid construction and wind!) I was up most of the night so I dragged all day yesterday.

I've been doing lots of laundry today and playing rummikub online in between straightening up the house. I had to call Lowe's today because our washer was not leveled when they installed it. The guy thought it leveled itself but it actually just levels the inside drum. So we have had a lot of sitting water in it and it's been driving me insane. They should be coming to level it for us tomorrow though!

I really need to be looking for a new lawn service...our old one had a problem with coming on the same day, double charges, and the grass just never looked great. We have Hazel in the backyard now and I keep the gate locked so it's a big deal if they come a day early or late. We have been thinking of just mowing the back ourselves so that we don't have to worry about her but then we will need to buy a weed eater. We are also going to start fertilizing ourselves because once again, our grass doesn't look that great. The company we used went up on prices and the tech made a comment about how bad our backyard looked and if we were new customers. WE USED THEM ALL LAST YEAR THANKYOUVERYMUCH! So they ticked me off and I realized it's not hard to fertilize on your own and it's much cheaper. And I don't have to deal with a**holes. :)

Off to research now!

This is our sweet Hazel...she likes to chew on plastic stuff.

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