Monday, April 6, 2009

Wow! It's been so busy here and it makes it hard to update a blog. We spent a bit getting ready for a garage sale that we had this past weekend, I helped at my MIL's school to get shirts ready for the younger kid's program (which was soooo cute but I STILL have green paint under my nails), and now I am just looking forward to our annual Easter Egg Hunt coming up this weekend.

This Easter will be the 10th Egg Hunt Adam's family has put on and it is such a blast! EVERYONE gets to participate (everyone from kids to Grandparents) and this year we should have 1,300 eggs to hunt for! His family is the best and we have so much fun doing the hunt, eating, and playing games the rest of the day. I am especially excited this year because my Mom, Jami, and Jeremy will be coming. I've been wanting them to come to a get-together with his family since they live 3 hours away and never get to see how great his family is.

After next weekend I will be not looking forward to the next month. Adam will be going out of town a lot and I will only get to see him on weekends. I can't stand being home alone and so I'm going to have to find something to keep me busy.

Anyways! Off to clean house and find something cute to make for Easter. These look cute!

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