Friday, April 10, 2009

I had a fun day yesterday! Adam had taken off work to play golf for his cousin's husband's birthday but the plans fell through. So he stayed home with me until Lowe's came and leveled the washer and dryer and then we went to Grand Prairie to play golf. We had a good time and halfway through Adam started playing with an old man who was ahead of us. It was a nice day out until about 4:30 when the wind kicked up and brought in the smoke.

Some of the towns along the way to my Mom's house were evacuated because of fires but thankfully I don't think it got near her town.

We had our friends Tyler and Heather over last night to watch some Dexter. We are now three episodes into the third season.

Today I am doing some shopping and hoping my family still gets to come in town for Easter. Also hoping the weather will be nice tomorrow!

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