Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ugh! The past week turned out to NOT be a good one. The week started out OK but then Thursday I went to my MIL's school to help paint some scenery for their upcoming program. She works at a very nice Christian private school and I got up there at 1:00 and had a great time helping.

At 3:00 we walked out into the parking lot to find my driver's side window smashed in. I was so upset and was shaking. I couldn't believe this happened there! There are certain places where I will take my cd player out but this was definitely not a time where I even gave it a second thought. Anyways they stole my cd player and a pouch from my glove box that held all the information on my car. I'm thinking they took it because it looked like one of those bank deposit bags.

I thanked God so much though because I realized I had grabbed my ipod at the last minute thinking that I might listen to it while I painted. I almost took my rings off and left them in the stupid of me to even think about doing that. But what I seriously was so thankful for was that I had not changed my insurance coverage the day before! I had called because my premium had gone up a bit and the rep that I spoke with said I could get rid of my comprehensive and collision and it would be $300 cheaper. Adam and I decided it wasn't a good idea, wasn't that much money when it's divided by 6 months, and with my luck I'd get in a wreck the next day and be screwed. I definitely do not believe that it was "luck" or a coincidence that I didn't have much in my car. Now it has even given Adam a reality check on not leaving stuff in his car. He'd be out thousands of dollars if someone broke into his!

Anyways so now I am just going through all of the steps of my claim. I got my window fixed but now I need to get it tinted and get a cd player installed. Surprisingly, I am not nearly as angry as I thought I might be. It made the school realize they needed their cameras to point at the school, the police said they would drive by the school more often, they sent out an email to the teachers and parents to remind them to be aware, and it reminded Adam, his Mom, and I that you just never know and should really bring anything valuable inside. So many people were incredibly helpful that day...I have the most amazing family and friends...and even people I didn't know. I stayed the night at Adam's parents, they took me to Cracker Barrell, and I couldn't sleep that night and spent 3:00-5:00 am on the phone with my Mom having a great conversation. My incredible husband came home on Friday and I spent the best weekend with him.


  1. WOW Jenn! So sorry you had to go through that but glad it wasn't you that was hurt! hugs from Conroe, TX!

  2. Oh no! That sounds horrible, but someone once told me that things are just things and they can be replaced. Hope you're having a better week.


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